Monogamy Adult Board Game

Monogamy Board Game

The Monogamy Game is a multi-award winning adult board game that is totally unique, offering a personalised experience meaning no two games are the same! This adult board game is designed specifically to improve relationships and will help you both improve your communication no matter the current level!

This couples board game is the perfect valentines day gift for him or her, that millions of people around the world have already appreciated; truly experiencing how dynamic the Monogamy Game is and how it offers a unique experience every time!

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An improvement in communication would benefit any relationship but this couples board game helps you both indulge in your ultimate fantasies, creating the perfected end goal which you'll be desperate to get to! As soon as you finish the Monogamy Game you'll be asking for a rematch and indulge another night in heaven!

The Monogamy Board Game has over 400 seductive ideas to help you along and unravel what really gets each other off, whilst tailoring to both individuals which is why you truly have to play the game to understand how fantastic it is!

Check out this video if you're still unsure about The Monogamy Game and enjoy changing your mind ;)


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The multi-award winning Monogamy board game is rated the #1 best board games for adults and has been created specifically to improve your relationship.

This fantastic couples board game has won multiple awards because it is so dynamic and every single couple who has ever played this game, will have a personalised experience tailored to their owndesires.

The Monogamy Game entices you both to indulge in each other's ultimate fantasies, desires and you will together create your own perfect outcome. This adult board game will create the perfect scenario for both of your wants and needs and with over 400 seductive ideas to help you along the way, navigating through 3 levels of passionate pleasure, this is surely the perfect valentines gift for him or her!

Play the Monogamy Game with your partner and open up and live out both of your ultimate fantasies with the most important person in your life

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